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Information for Health Professionals

Kingston Foot Clinic principal podiatrists provide a number of consulting services including:

  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Lecturing and workshops on paediatric assessment and treatment
  • Research design and clinical trials

If you are interested in networking or discussing any of these, please use our contact page or connect with Alicia or Cylie on LinkedIn

Key Publications:

James, A.M., C.M. Williams, and T.P. Haines, "Effectiveness of interventions in reducing pain and maintaining physical activity in children and adolescents with calcaneal apophysitis (Sever's disease): a systematic review". J Foot Ankle Res, 2013. 6(1): p. 16.

Williams, C.M., A.J. Caserta, and T.P. Haines, (2013) The TiltMeter app is a novel and accurate measurement tool for the weight bearing lunge test. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

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Williams, C.M., et al., Is Idiopathic Toe Walking Really Idiopathic? The Motor Skills and Sensory Processing Abilities Associated With Idiopathic Toe Walking Gait. J Child Neurol, 2013.

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Williams, CM, Tinley P, and Curtin M, The Toe Walking Tool: A novel method for assessing idiopathic toe walking children. Gait Posture, 2010.

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Key conferences and workshops:


 Australasian Podiatry Conference (Presentations and workshops)



International Pedorthic Symposium IPS14 (Invited Speaker)
A.Pod.A Qld - State Conference (Keynote speaker)
A.Pod.A Vic  - Melbourne (Presentations and attendance)
Victorian Allied Health Conference (Accepted speaker)
Extending Paediatric Assessment Workshop


Further Paediatic Assessment workshop facilitation –Ballarat
Australasian Podiatry Conference (Poster presentation and attendance)
Port Philip Maternal and Child Health Services– (Workshop facilitation)


Paediatric Assessment workshop facilitation – Horsham
A.Pod.A (Vic) State Podiatry Conference (Presentation and Attendance)
International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Symposium (Presentation)


Australasian Podiatry Conference (Poster presentation and attendance)
Victorian Radiography Conference (Invited speaker)
24th Occupational Therapy Association of Australia (Presentation)


Australian Pedorthic Medical Grade Footwear Association PS 10 (Presentation)
The Paediatric Foot (Presentation and attendance)
Regional Study Day – Paediatric Workshop (Presentation)
A.Pod.A(Vic) Young Podiatrists Conference (Presentation and Attendance)
A.Pod.A (Vic) Private Practice Conference (Attendance)
A.Pod.A (Vic) State Podiatry Conference (Presentation and Attendance)


Paediatrics in Practice Symposium – (Presentation and Attendance)
Australasian Podiatry Conference (Poster presentation and attendance)
4th International Ankle Symposium (Poster presentation)
City of Kingston Maternal and Child Health Services– (Workshop facilitation)


Australian & New Zealand Osteopathy Research Conference – (Key Note Speaker)


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