What is the point of a pre pointe assessment?

Published on: 9/8/17 -- by Caitlin

Getting pointe shoes for the first time is an extremely exciting moment in a young dancer’s life. Before they get too excited and starting dancing around the house in their new shoes however, it’s important to get a pre pointe assessment from a podiatrist to make sure your child is physically ready to start working in pointe shoes.

All pre pointe assessments at Kingston Foot Clinic are performed by our dance podiatrist Caitlin, who joined Kingston after 4 years full-time work with The Australian Ballet – so you know your child is getting the best advice possible.


What’s involved in a pre pointe assessment?

During a pre pointe assessment we look at the following things:

-       Foot structure, and lower limb alignment

-       Muscle strength and flexibility

-       Dance History (styles, previous injury, workload etc.)

-       Technique


What happens next?

After a thorough assessment has been conducted, your child will be given a tailored strength and conditioning program. You will also get advice on what shoes will be best for your child and how to customise them - not only for injury prevention but to make sure your child is as comfortable and supported as possible.


Does your child need an assessment? Call us to make an appointment on 9585 8144